Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy, we present our policy correctly so that the customer gets the right service and they get the right satisfaction, our aim is to get the customer service in the right time and get the portrait sketching work at a reasonable price. 

Interpretation and Definitions


Pay attention to whatever words we have capitalized and capitalized in our privacy policy.


There are some rules of our policy

how to contact us -  You can contact with social site Facebook Instagram and email in this in normal calling whatsapp calling video calling

Things to keep in mind before booking a 0rder - Before taking order, we will inform you that what kind of artwork we will do and how big will be the size, how many people will make portrait, pencil sketch and oil painting, you should understand this first.

Our portraits are of different types - Like we do Pencil Sketch, Color Pencil Sketch, Color Portrait, Oil Color Portrait Pencil Portrait, Live Sketch Portrait, Time Lapse Pencil Portrait Video, Police Portrait Wedding Portrait, Pet Portrait, Wedding Couple Portrait, Baby Sketch and more to be done in special type of program. Walla Pencil Portrait and Wall Painting |

Personal Data - You send your personal data like images text videos voice videos to us at your own responsibility.

When will the order be considered complete - The customer's order will be considered complete only when the customer has given 50% or 75% of the order in advance. If the advance is not received on our payment method, then the order will not be considered

Portrait Pencil Sketch Image Sharing -  The photo video of the pencil sketch will not be shared after the portrait is made, the customer should come to our portrait studio and whatever feedback the customer wants to do at our previous rate, they should come to our studio only.

portrait painting delivery - On completion of the portrait painting sketch, we will send it to the given address of the customer through the private company courier service, according to the time of courier, if the pencil portrait does not reach the given time or the frame of the portrait paper or any other type of damage If it happens, it will not be the responsibility of, for this problem you will have to talk to the courier provider company yourself, will not interfere between the company provider or the customer. Thank you

Feedback - We will be glad that if customer give us good feedback on google on our good behavior and beautiful work speak good about us well before taking order if we agree to take feedback from you then customer has to give us feedback or it is good Feedback be it or wrong, we hope that you will give us a very beautiful Google Feedback for our good behavior and good work.

google keywords - You can search us on google with these keywords like sketch artist near me with price and live sketch artist near me or professional sketch artist near me, sketch artist near me contact number pencil sketch artist delhi and online sketch artist you can find us by these keywords You can search on Google or you can search with this keywords Best Sketch Artist Near Me Photo Sketch Artist Near Me Portrait Artist Near Me Delhi. Thank you

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