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Sketch Artist Near Me - Live Sketching

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Sketching live is a very difficult task

Hello friends My name is Rajesh Kumar and I am a sketch artist. I work to make sketches with live sketches and photographs in Sarojini Nagar of Delhi. Friends, today I will tell you about live sketches, making a live sketch is a very difficult task. To make this - Sketch Artist - requires a lot of expertise. To make a live sketch, you must practice at least 5 years! Before making a live sketch, the Arte observes the person sitting in front of a good person, and then guides that the person's face is thicker or slender, what kind is it, before making a rough sketch, then the first person will first get the outline of the eye Makes lip then makes the hair again, after making all this, after making the ruf drawing it gradually makes the person's appearance very smoothly The purpose of Live Stage | Friends used to make the sketches of King Raja Maharaj first, they used to be a hobby of the rich. In the first place, the first King Maharaja rich person could only make his paintings or sketches, paintings, but in today's era every person can sketch his painting. In today's era, everything is available and very easy, friends, I also work live sketches inside Delhi if you find me Visit must live if it or want to make portraits from photographs you can contact me my number is 7503602684, my office in Sarojini Nagar you guys please 

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