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Portrait Artist Near Me - Sketch artist in Delhi Price

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Canvas Painting Artist Near me, Sketch Artist in Delhi Haat

Best sketch artist in Delhi - Friends in Rose Dilli Haat i.n.a. Used to be present in front of the market at 2:00 pm and used to do live sketching by putting up his open stall, before sketching life, I had to open my table where I used to cover my sketching uniform while going at night In this respect, my pencil, drawing board, eraser, paper, photo frame, two chairs, sheet and display used to have an easel stand, it used to be very painful, friends, when I used to sketch live, I did not get much facility when I Used to set up stalls here, just a wire connection was given to install a bulb and two chair tables, no one used to have a roof over my head, whether it was rain or cold weather in winter, all this I had to bear friends in this trouble. I used to sketch life and my drawing paper used to get wet in cold weather while doing live sketch, still I used to sketch life, the time of sketch used to be 10 to 15 minutes friends, in this time I have to sketch my life. It used to be made of black and white charcoal pencil and I used to get 150 rupees for it, friends, I have 2 From 003 to 2015 Live sketching work was done in Dilli Haat, I want to thank Dilli Haat that my family was brought up due to this Dilli Haat and I faced many experiences, I learned a lot by coming to Dilli Haat and I also got many friends and many contacts from my customer who helped me a lot, so these friends have some information about my Dilli Haat, hope you guys will like this information thank you, live - Life sketch is a very difficult task for the artist because in life sketch only some time is available for sketch artist to make portrait and in this short time he has to make portrait I am talking about live sketch artist of Delhi because in India Live sketch is done very quickly, it is also made outside India but there probably most of the people there have the right information about the art, they know that this live sketch is happening and how much time it will take According to him, he gives time to the artist, but in India everyone is very quick to see how my portrait sketch is made, he has to see it quickly, and the most troublesome thing is that in today's time no one has There is also not enough time that he should sit for so long while making a sketch for a sketch, the artist has to pay great attention to the shape of the face, if the face is long then the face should look long if the face is fat then the fat face should be seen eyes The eyes should look the same as it is, we have to take great care of the expression. The expression of the human face is different and through this expression the person is identified, these expressions are visible through the eyes, if you make the eyes, the pupils of the eyes, the eyebrows while sketching life, then, Your live portrait is made very good, I hope you will like all this information of mine and you have to know about how to make live portrait thank you

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