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To make oil colour painting we need one, canvas oil colour, brush, linseed oil, cotton cloth, a canvas easel stand after taking all this, we will start painting, with a rough drawing, friends before I tell you.

Sketch Artist Online - The painting is going to be very slow, we have to keep in mind that for the person who is painting, we have given our customer so much time that he should wait for some time to become a painting. Wait, because this painting will not dry quickly. This colour is used, it is such a colour that the colour does not dry very quickly, the reason is that it lasts for a very long time. Their brightness remains intact, in the earlier days, paintings like oil painting used to be used, only then still friends, we still see any painting, which is very old, give it painting. Do we think so, that he has just created now because Oil was created by painting |

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