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How to draw pictures?
Try it, so much fun!
Sketch Artist Near Me -Painting is an art. Making a picture in life is of great importance. Our understanding and experience increase with painting. Making a picture is to digest itself. The following experiments are helpful to learn how to create a picture.
Close your eyes for 3-4 minutes. Try to peek calmly in your mind during this time, which colors are visible there. Now open your eyes and apply those colors on paper.
Show your character in your favourite animal, like the face of your face and body, what you wear, what colour you like, what are your qualities and qualities, show everyone in the animal.
Imagine that someone has made you an ant by magic. Now, how do you look at things when you become the new ant, depict it?
Sketch Artist In Delhi - Make a picture of a tree sitting in the room with your imagination. Now sit in front of a tree and sit in the picture and look carefully, make a picture of that tree. After drawing the picture, look at the pictures of both the trees, how much difference there is between the two. You can do the same activity with any organism or thing.
Make use of geometric shapes like square, rectangle, triangle, circle. Make a picture by sticking scattered flowers, leaves, pieces, pieces of cloth, plastic, dirt, photos of old magazines etc. If you want, you can also create idols, puppets etc. with such material.
Imagine what you dreamed at night.
Listen to the story from your grandparents or a friend and make a picture on that story. Instead of portraying events happening in the story, what have you learned from the story or how you were feeling when listening to the story? Try to paint all this. In this way, you can create a storybook too.
Go to different places like vegetable-mandy, confectionery, bus station and feel the different smell and try to show it through the colours.
Take a pic and a pen with your friend. Now make a picture of your friend's face constantly while looking at each other's eyes. Do not look at the paper side during this process. In the picture, try to portray the qualities of your mind's feelings and companions.
Why not only see with eyes, why not see with your hand, with the nose, with ears, with your feet, with the mind ... why not see the whole world in the whole world.

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